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Embracing Life

A Pandemic Loss Journal

"The whole world changed at the start of 2020 and many of us are still facing uncertainty about when, or if life, will ever reach a sense of normalcy. Each of us has faced different challenges, but one thing that connects us is the grief and loss that we have collectively experienced. Embracing Life: A Pandemic Loss Journal provides an avenue for safely exploring and processing the countless losses endured throughout this pandemic."

Elisa DeVargas, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
University of New Mexico, Health Sciences Center

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Take a moment to give yourself a hug…

In this journal you will discover how to

Care for Yourself

Handle Pain and Sadness

Recognize your Feelings

Forgive Yourself and Others

Self Reflect and Find Gratitude

Create Joy for the Future

“This invaluable workbook with beautiful illustrations underscores the central message
to value oneself during this healing journey with the ultimate goal of regaining that joyful
voice and inner spirit in overcoming the anxieties and releasing the personal pain and
any self-doubt and guilt. This is a precious and essential gift for us all!”

Frank S. Davila, Ph.D.
Educator, Author